October, 2007


It was time once again for our big annual Halloween party—probably the biggest party we throw all year. Oh, who are we kidding? Since Duncan came along its the only party we throw all year. We invited friends over for a small costume party and we made our famous homemade donuts (apple fritters) and hot apple cider Making homemade donuts and drinking apple cider around halloween time was a tradition for Brad growing up. We're happy to have revived the tradition. Kids carved pumpkins while the adults ate donuts. This year we are pleased that there was nary a donut leftover.

Brad's mom and dad came to the party dressed as a cow and the tooth fairy. We'll let you guess who was the tooth fairy. Brad was a mad scientist and Tiffany was soldier or fortune. To view pictures from the event, simply start the slide show, or click on one of the thumbnail images below for a larger image.

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