Camping in Cornville, Aug. 2008

This past August, we decided to get out of the blistering 112 degree heat of the Valley and spend some time in the high country for some camping and fishing. We found a great campsite in Cornville, Ariz. Since John and Cindy were too busy on the campaign trail to invite us to their cabin, our campground would have to do.

When we checked in to our camp site, we were asked to park the truck, check in at the office, then one of the campground managers would take us on a coverd golf cart. We waited patiently by the golf cart which had an large Labrador retriever perched in the drivers seat. While we waited, it began to sprinkle. Thunder was booming close by so we knew we need to set up camp fast. When the manager came out as the rain started to pick up. She pushed the pooch into the passenger seat and asked me to jump on the back, because she didn’t want the dog to get wet. What customer service. Needless to say, we got our tent put up without getting too wet. We had a wonderful site next to Oak Creek. We even had two small owls watch over us as we set up camp.

On the second day of our trip, we dove up through Sedona and up through Oak Creek Canyon to Slide Rock State Park, where Oak Creek has carved smooth pools into the rock. Channels have been carved between the pools where you can slide from one pool to the next. The water was about 60 degrees which felt good once you got used to it.

Enjoy the pictures below. Please click on the images to enlarge them and read the caption.


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