On our way to Telluride we passed through this valley. These mountains are outside of Buena Vista, Colorado in the heart of the state. In this valley lies the headwaters of the Arkansa river. The spectacular north side of the Telluride valley. The view from our hotel. The town of Telluride as seen from the free town gondola. A happy Duncan rides the gondola to the nature center on the mountain. Mommy, I'm ready for my close up. The trip vidiographer/chauffeur. Ready for hiking. Another close up. Hiking in the Rockies. Hiking in the Rockies. Duncan's favorite sherpa. If you get the chance to hike this way, Duncan highly recommends it. How big is the town of Telluride?...It's this big! Dunan snoozes while Daddy poses. There are lots of celebrities that visit Telluride. Watch out for the paparazzi. Shooting our every move. Riding the gondola...again! Riding the gondola back to town. Duncan rests after a long hike and a hotdog at the village. It's not Miller Time! This is not an endorsement in any way shape or form of a watered down American beer. Rather we were trying to capture the pretty flowers that decorate Colorado Ave in Telluride. After hiking it's important to stretch. Pull your leg behind your head. Keep stretching. Feel the burn.