McKinnley with the Lone Duck Campground mascot.  Ariana with the campground mascot 132778-R1-08-8_009 132778-R1-09-7_010 132778-R1-10-6_011 132778-R1-11-5_012 The Atkins clan The Atkins Clan The Atkins Clan The ride up Pikes Peak revealed many beautiful valleys J.T. takes a quick snooze. 132779-R1-05-20_006 132779-R1-06-16_007 132779-R1-07-12_008 The summit The train 132779-R1-10-6_011 132779-R1-11-5_012 Colorado Springs in the distance. 132779-R1-13-3_014 132779-R1-14-2_015 Duncan with his sherpa, Dad. 132782-R1-01-23_002 132782-R1-02-22_003 132782-R1-03-21_004 Uncle Brian carries Duncan around in the pack for a while. In Manatou Springs Manatou Springs Manatou Springs Dining at Manatou Springs