Stuffed cayote See the lizard? Duncan can see stuff with the binoculars what's up there? What's over there? I see you Duncan among the saguaros Looking over the riperian area Looking for ducks Do you see the baby ducks? lizard on a stump Duncan takes a closer look Momma Duck and her babies flowers flowers catapillar snack time flowers among the cholla Difficult to see, humming bird feeds from the lower flower on this saguaro. Saguaro flower Lizard Lizard Lizard Turkey vulture Look alive! Look alive! Turkey Vulture Turkey Vulture Turkey Vulture Something red in this tree. Crossing the mighty Hasayampa River Small cholla flower Duncan blazes a trail The beautiful Sonoran Desert Old saguaro Another saguaro The Hasayampa Nature Preserve The highest point in the park Funky knot in the tree trunk Can you find the lizard This lizard was doing pushups.